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3 Major Types of Headphones for Everyday Use

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Technology has become pervasive in almost all industries, and the electronics and entertainment industry has not been spared either. People today can enjoy their favourite tunes on the go, and this is all thanks to smartphone technology and other handheld entertainment gadgets. However, it is one thing to listen to your favourite jam and another thing to enjoy it, and the difference lies in the quality of your headphones. While most people will walk into an electronics store and pick up a pair of headphones that is visually appealing, you do not have to get onto this bandwagon. You need to understand the different types of headphones available in the market. Read on to learn what some of these are.

Circumaural Headphones 

When you come across this name for the first time, you might think that it is a technical term to be used only by sound engineers and the like. However, circumaural refers to headphones that cup the ear. Also referred to as 'over-the-ear headphones', circumaural headphone's design allows the padding around the ear to form a seal. It isolates the eternal environment, thereby enhancing a crisp and clean sound free of external distractions. The cupping also prevents sound from leaking out. If you are looking for a pair of headphones to use in crowded and noisy environments, then look no further than circumaural headphones.

Sealed Headphones 

Most people who have heard about circumaural headphones will say that they are not different from sealed headphones. The reason is that just like circumaural headphones, sealed headphones isolate sound effectively. However, this type offers a higher level of isolation because the backs of the earpieces are entirely closed. This, combined with the seal/padding around the ear, contributes to unrivalled sound isolation. It makes this type the best headphones for people who are new to sound recordings, such as emerging disc jockeys. You, however, have to be cautious with sealed headphones because they can cause ear fatigue if used for extended periods.

On-Ear Headphones 

Because headphones rest on the ears, that means that they all are on-ear headphones — right? Wrong. There is a glaring difference between on-ear headphones and other types, and it all lies in the design. Ideally, on-ear headphones rest perfectly on top of the ears; therefore, they are smaller than the other kinds of ear headphones. Unlike the previous two, on-ear headphones do not create a sealed barrier around, which does not make them ideal for a noisy environment. Therefore, if you want a pair that is not over-the-top performance-wise, then the on-ear headphones will meet your needs. They are not particularly great for professional work, but they are great for day-to-day use such as listening to jams while jogging. 

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