Finding the Right Audio and Visual Equipment

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Are you planning to hire big screens for your next event?

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Are you planning an exhibition, festival, conference, or a live music event? Whatever you are planning one of the best ways to get your message across is by using LED screens. Using a big screen helps everyone to see what is going on no matter how far back from the stage they may be. If you want to arrange LED screen hire then here are three things that you will have to decide become the LED screen hire can go ahead.

Indoor or outdoor?

It is important that you have thought about the layout of the venue you will be using before deciding on the type of screen you need. The screen requirements for a music festival may be very different from those of a large conference or a film screening. Setting up a screen at an outdoor event could involve mobile trailers and portable generators while an indoor event will normally have power provided. The layout of an indoor venue may also require the screens to be set up in a particular way, so you must know the details of the venue before speaking to the screen hire company.

How far away is the audience?

LED screen hire is great for creating an impact, but not all screens are the same and all venues are different. When picking your screens the two key factors you will need to determine are what size of screen you need and what resolution the screen should have. The best LED screens are capable of providing sharp, clear images for people who are standing right in front of them, but you don't always need that level of detail. If the audience is going to be some distance from the screen then the resolution of the image is much less important than the size of the screen. Before talking to the hiring company think about where your audience will be in relation to your screen and what they will be watching.

Consider the screen

If you are going to use LED screen hire then it's important that everyone can see the screen clearly. The size of the screen will play an important part in making your message visible but so will the positioning and shape of the screen. Take time to plan a location for the screen that will help everyone to get a good view. Consider whether the screen needs to be flying or mounted and whether a flat, convex or converse screen would be the best choice.